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Registration will open for  our 2021 Indoor Holiday Season at the beginning of October.

Coaches and Team Managers, please email Elizabeth at to add your team before your players can register. 

Price is $75 a season per player.

Matches begin at the end of October and wrap up at the week before Christmas

More Details Below

Holiday League 2021

Registration Opens the beginning of October

Starting at the end of October…our biggest kids season with over 80 teams begins.  The Holiday  Season ends the week before Christmas for all but High School Boys who play through the end of January.  All teams will play 7 games and then the top teams will compete in the playoffs.

Holiday Leagues are for Parks and Rec level teams only for the younger age groups. Club players will be limited to two player per team.

Yes, we will have a 3,4,5 League but numbers will be limited. HERE is a link for more information for 3,4,5’s 

Links for League Schedules and Standings will be below but for now. below is the day of the week the age groups will play.

Winter League 2022

We will host our annual indoor Winter Season beginning in early January  2022 and ending the last week of February. Each team will play 7 games and the top teams will then compete in playoffs.

These Leagues are for Parks and Rec level teams as well as Club teams.  Club teams are required to play up an age group in the younger age groups.  Ask Elizabeth for more details.  Registration will open December 1st.

Links to individual league standings and schedules will be post below when available. For now, below is the approximate day of the week and time range for the leagues.

There is no 3,4,5 Session for the Winter.  Our apologies.  We hope to bring it back in the future.

What is indoor soccer?

Indoor soccer is a form of soccer in which players play on a field similar to a hockey arena.  The ball can be played off the walls keeping the ball in play and creating a much faster paced game than outside soccer.  Also, there is no off-sides, so when this is combined with a smaller field, you get a much higher scoring game than outdoor soccer.

For the kids, they play with 6 field players and a goalie.  Substitutions happen on the fly and are needed because the kids never stop moving in our fast paced 40 minute games.

Parents love these games as they are run on schedule, are exciting to watch, and the stands are right up on the field so they see all of the action.