Adult Leagues

We run adult soccer leagues all year round.

We have 4 different ratings for players and Leagues which A, B, C, and D.

A is for college level, former pro, or those who think they should be.

B is a step slower than A and meant for very competitive players who know how to play at a high level but just are not ready for A level

C is a step slower than B and meant for players who know the game and how to move the ball but may not have the speed to play A or B

D is a new level for us meant for players who are either new to the game or need to get more in shape before playing C. It is meant to be very low contact soccer with few fouls.

On Wednesday and Thursday nights we have a B+ and a B- League that plays year round indoors.

On Monday Nights we have a D level League that plays indoors year round.

On Tuesday Nights we have a $5 pickup session for players who are male and Over 35 or Female and Over 18.

On Sundays, we have A, B, and C level Leagues which play a Holiday and Winter Season inside and then play Spring, Summer, and Fall outside (when fields are available)

On Saturday mornings this Fall we have a Women’s Only League – For more info, text or call 423-557-6800 or join our Group on Facebook. SOFA Womens Soccer League.

Links to League Schedules and Standings:

Wednesday A League Schedule and Standings

Thursday Never Was League Schedule and Standings

Monday D League Schedule and Standings

Tuesday C League Schedule and Standings

Sunday A/B League Schedule and Standings

Sunday C Premier League Schedule and Standings

Sunday C Championship Schedule and Standings

Women’s League Schedule and Standings