Varsity Boys

This is the Varsity Boys Page. All teams will play every other team once and then the top 4 teams will compete in a Semis and Championship Playoff which will take place Tuesday, January 26th.


Tri-Cities United8701220.938602040W1
Hispano FC8431130.563503416W2
Pink Unicorns8431130.563482622L1
University School835090.37548399W2
All Luck No Skill807110.0633488-54L4


Wed, 2 Dec
Velociraptors at Greeneville
8-7JC Indoor
Thr, 3 Dec
University School at Pink Unicorns
1-6JC Indoor
Thr, 10 Dec
Providence at Tri-Cities United
3-12JC Indoor
Fri, 11 Dec
Elizabethton at All Luck No Skill
4-3JC Indoor
Wed, 16 Dec
All Luck No Skill at Greeneville
5-10JC Indoor
Thr, 17 Dec
Providence at Hispano FC
2-9JC Indoor
Fri, 18 Dec
Hispano FC at Elizabethton
5-7JC Indoor
Fri, 18 Dec
Velociraptors at Pink Unicorns
5-4JC Indoor
Mon, 21 Dec
University School at Tri-Cities United
2-4JC Indoor
Mon, 4 Jan
Pink Unicorns at Elizabethton
7-4JC Indoor
Mon, 4 Jan
Tri-Cities United at All Luck No Skill
15-3JC Indoor
Mon, 4 Jan
Greeneville at Providence
16-1JC Indoor
Mon, 4 Jan
Hispano FC at University School
6-4JC Indoor
Mon, 4 Jan
Velociraptors at Providence
5-0JC Indoor
Fri, 8 Jan
Velociraptors at Hispano FC
4-4JC Indoor
Fri, 8 Jan
University School at Greeneville
6-8JC Indoor
Fri, 8 Jan
Providence at Pink Unicorns
4-9JC Indoor
Fri, 8 Jan
Elizabethton at Tri-Cities United
1-6JC Indoor
Fri, 8 Jan
Providence at All Luck No Skill
6-6JC Indoor
Tue, 12 Jan
University School at Elizabethton
5-1JC Indoor
Tue, 12 Jan
Velociraptors at All Luck No Skill
9-8JC Indoor
Tue, 12 Jan
Greeneville at Pink Unicorns
5-5JC Indoor
Tue, 12 Jan
Hispano FC at Tri-Cities United
1-7JC Indoor
Wed, 13 Jan
Hispano FC at Greeneville
2-5JC Indoor
Thr, 14 Jan
Pink Unicorns at Tri-Cities United
4-5JC Indoor
Fri, 15 Jan
University School at Velociraptors
5-8JC Indoor
Fri, 15 Jan
Elizabethton at Greeneville
5-3JC Indoor
Fri, 15 Jan
All Luck No Skill at Pink Unicorns
0-12JC Indoor
Tue, 19 Jan
All Luck No Skill at Hispano FC
4-21JC Indoor
Tue, 19 Jan
Elizabethton at Velociraptors
8-6JC Indoor
Tue, 19 Jan
Pink Unicorns at Hispano FC
1-2JC Indoor
Wed, 20 Jan
Tri-Cities United at Greeneville
3-3JC Indoor
Wed, 20 Jan
Providence at University School
1-14JC Indoor
Thr, 21 Jan
Tri-Cities United at Velociraptors
8-3JC Indoor
Fri, 22 Jan
All Luck No Skill at University School
5-11JC Indoor
Fri, 22 Jan
Elizabethton at Providence
3-0JC Indoor