Varsity Boys

This is the Varsity Boys Page. All matches are now scheduled. The top 4 teams will play in a semi and final playoff. The semis will be Monday January 30th at 5 and 5:50. The Championship match will be Thursday February 2nd at 5:50 PM.


Illusion and Friends7610180.857753045W1
Jr Tenn Pro7520150.714554015W4
Unicoi Blue624060.3333550-15L1
Unicoi White624060.3332536-11W1
Mo Salad615030.1672539-14L4
Battle Boyz707000.0002874-46L7


Wed, 7 Dec
Battle Boyz at Unicoi White
3-11JC Indoor
Tue, 13 Dec
Illusion and Friends at Battle Boyz
14-3JC Indoor
Mon, 19 Dec
University at Battle Boyz
8-2JC Indoor
Tue, 20 Dec
Jr Tenn Pro at Illusion and Friends
4-11JC Indoor
Wed, 21 Dec
University at Jr Tenn Pro
4-7JC Indoor
Wed, 21 Dec
Battle Boyz at Crockett
5-11JC Indoor
Thr, 22 Dec
Crockett at University
3-0JC Indoor
Wed, 4 Jan
Illusion and Friends at Mo Salad
14-4JC Indoor
Wed, 4 Jan
Crockett at Jr Tenn Pro
6-5JC Indoor
Wed, 4 Jan
Battle Boyz at Mo Salad
4-10JC Indoor
Wed, 4 Jan
Unicoi White at Jr Tenn Pro
4-8JC Indoor
Wed, 4 Jan
Unicoi Blue at Battle Boyz
7-6JC Indoor
Mon, 9 Jan
University at Unicoi White
3-0JC Indoor
Mon, 9 Jan
Crockett at Unicoi Blue
11-9JC Indoor
Mon, 9 Jan
Jr Tenn Pro at Mo Salad
6-4JC Indoor
Thr, 12 Jan
Unicoi Blue at Illusion and Friends
4-13JC Indoor
Mon, 16 Jan
Unicoi Blue at Jr Tenn Pro
6-12JC Indoor
Mon, 16 Jan
Unicoi White at Illusion and Friends
4-15JC Indoor
Mon, 23 Jan
Unicoi White at Crockett
3-7JC Indoor
Mon, 23 Jan
Unicoi Blue at Mo Salad
7-4JC Indoor
Tue, 24 Jan
Battle Boyz at Jr Tenn Pro
5-13JC Indoor
Tue, 24 Jan
Unicoi Blue at University
2-4JC Indoor
Tue, 24 Jan
Crockett at Illusion and Friends
8-3JC Indoor
Tue, 24 Jan
Mo Salad at Unicoi White
0-3JC Indoor
Thr, 26 Jan
Mo Salad at Crockett
3-5JC Indoor
Thr, 26 Jan
University at Illusion and Friends
3-5JC Indoor
Thr, 2 Feb
Unicoi White at Unicoi Blue
5:00 pmJC Indoor