Varsity Boys

This is the Varsity Boys Page. We are waiting on more teams to get organized but will begin adding games every open time slot we have in December.. This season lasts until the end of January so we have plenty of time to get in all matches and will have a January heavy schedule so players are getting some game level cardio leading up to their outdoor seasons. Expect most of December’s schedule to be up on this page by Thanksgiving.


Battle Boyz000000.000000--
Bricked Up FC000000.000000--
Illusion and Friends000000.000000--
Jr Tenn Pro000000.000000--
Unicoi Blue000000.000000--
Unicoi White000000.000000--


Wed, 7 Dec
Battle Boyz at Unicoi White
5:00 pmJC Indoor
Wed, 7 Dec
Hillbilly's at Crockett
5:50 pmJC Indoor
Wed, 7 Dec
Bricked Up FC at Unicoi Blue
6:40 pmJC Indoor
Tue, 13 Dec
Battle Boyz at Illusion and Friends
5:00 pmJC Indoor
Tue, 13 Dec
THS at Jr Tenn Pro
6:40 pmJC Indoor