Varsity Boys

This is the Varsity Boys Page. Below is the full schedule. All teams play 7 games except for Hakuna Mo Shota who play 8. Playoff spots will be determined by % of possible points earned. Then by head to head. A semis and a championship will be played on Tuesday, February 8th between the top 4 teams.


Average Joes7700211.000842460W7
Lady Toppers7700211.000611942W7
Bricked Up FC7511160.786583721L1
Hakuna Mo Shota8620180.750634221L1
Abingdon Falcons725060.2862772-45L1
Unicoi FC725060.2862945-16L3


Fri, 12 Nov
Unicoi FC at University
4-1JC Indoor
Mon, 15 Nov
Bricked Up FC at Cyclones
11-5JC Indoor
Fri, 19 Nov
Hakuna Mo Shota at Cyclones
9-6JC Indoor
Fri, 19 Nov
Abingdon Falcons at THS
1-16JC Indoor
Fri, 19 Nov
Unicoi FC at Lady Toppers
1-13JC Indoor
Fri, 3 Dec
Bricked Up FC at University
5-3JC Indoor
Fri, 3 Dec
Knights at Hakuna Mo Shota
3-11JC Indoor
Fri, 3 Dec
Crockett at Average Joes
4-9JC Indoor
Tue, 7 Dec
Crockett at University
4-2JC Indoor
Fri, 10 Dec
Hakuna Mo Shota at THS
11-3JC Indoor
Fri, 10 Dec
Abingdon Falcons at Crockett
9-7JC Indoor
Fri, 10 Dec
Bricked Up FC at Knights
14-5JC Indoor
Fri, 10 Dec
Unicoi FC at Cyclones
3-9JC Indoor
Tue, 14 Dec
Lady Toppers at University
9-4JC Indoor
Mon, 10 Jan
Average Joes at University
17-1JC Indoor
Mon, 10 Jan
Crockett at Hakuna Mo Shota
0-3JC Indoor
Tue, 11 Jan
Average Joes at Abingdon Falcons
19-3JC Indoor
Tue, 11 Jan
Lady Toppers at Abingdon Falcons
9-1JC Indoor
Tue, 11 Jan
Cyclones at Lady Toppers
6-9JC Indoor
Thr, 13 Jan
Lady Toppers at Knights
3-0JC Indoor
Thr, 13 Jan
Hakuna Mo Shota at Bricked Up FC
3-7JC Indoor
Tue, 18 Jan
Abingdon Falcons at Unicoi FC
4-7JC Indoor
Tue, 18 Jan
Abingdon Falcons at Knights
3-0JC Indoor
Tue, 18 Jan
Unicoi FC at THS
7-9JC Indoor
Tue, 18 Jan
Average Joes at Cyclones
16-6JC Indoor
Fri, 21 Jan
Unicoi FC at Hakuna Mo Shota
5-6JC Indoor
Mon, 24 Jan
University at Cyclones
2-7JC Indoor
Mon, 24 Jan
Bricked Up FC at Crockett
8-8JC Indoor
Mon, 24 Jan
Knights at THS
0-3JC Indoor
Tue, 25 Jan
Hakuna Mo Shota at Abingdon Falcons
14-6JC Indoor
Tue, 25 Jan
THS at Bricked Up FC
5-9JC Indoor
Tue, 25 Jan
Cyclones at Crockett
5-8JC Indoor
Wed, 26 Jan
Hakuna Mo Shota at Average Joes
6-12JC Indoor
Mon, 31 Jan
University at Unicoi FC
3-2JC Indoor
Mon, 31 Jan
Average Joes at THS
3-0JC Indoor
Mon, 31 Jan
Crockett at Lady Toppers
7-15JC Indoor
Tue, 1 Feb
THS at Lady Toppers
0-3JC Indoor
Wed, 2 Feb
Bricked Up FC at Average Joes
4-8JC Indoor