Winter JV / Varsity Girls League

There will be a playoff for the Top 4 teams. The semis will be on Wednesday March 8th and a Championship on Thursday, March 9th


Lady Black Knights7430120.571412318L2
Unicoi JV7430120.5713041-11W1
Cyclones - Louis716030.1432044-24W1


Tue, 17 Jan
JCFC at Cyclones - Louis
5-2JC Indoor
Tue, 17 Jan
Lady Black Knights at Huskies
7-2JC Indoor
Thr, 19 Jan
Unicoi JV at Cyclones
0-9JC Indoor
Thr, 19 Jan
Warriors at Tornadoes
7-1JC Indoor
Tue, 24 Jan
Unicoi JV at Lady Black Knights
1-8JC Indoor
Tue, 24 Jan
Tornadoes at Huskies
7-6JC Indoor
Wed, 25 Jan
Cyclones - Louis at Cyclones
0-11JC Indoor
Wed, 25 Jan
Warriors at JCFC
7-1JC Indoor
Tue, 31 Jan
Lady Black Knights at Warriors
2-3JC Indoor
Tue, 31 Jan
Huskies at Cyclones
7-17JC Indoor
Wed, 1 Feb
JCFC at Tornadoes
2-3JC Indoor
Wed, 1 Feb
Cyclones - Louis at Unicoi JV
3-6JC Indoor
Tue, 7 Feb
Lady Black Knights at JCFC
11-0JC Indoor
Tue, 7 Feb
Unicoi JV at Huskies
5-4JC Indoor
Thr, 9 Feb
Warriors at Cyclones
2-7JC Indoor
Tue, 14 Feb
Lady Black Knights at Cyclones - Louis
9-4JC Indoor
Tue, 14 Feb
Huskies at Warriors
1-6JC Indoor
Wed, 15 Feb
Cyclones - Louis at Tornadoes
3-7JC Indoor
Thr, 16 Feb
JCFC at Unicoi JV
8-11JC Indoor
Tue, 21 Feb
Cyclones - Louis at Huskies
5-6JC Indoor
Tue, 21 Feb
Tornadoes at Lady Black Knights
6-3JC Indoor
Wed, 22 Feb
Cyclones at JCFC
10-3JC Indoor
Wed, 22 Feb
Cyclones at Tornadoes
6-2JC Indoor
Thr, 23 Feb
Warriors at Unicoi JV
4-0JC Indoor
Tue, 28 Feb
Lady Black Knights at Cyclones
1-7JC Indoor
Tue, 28 Feb
JCFC at Huskies
6-6JC Indoor
Thr, 2 Mar
Warriors at Cyclones - Louis
0-3JC Indoor
Thr, 2 Mar
Unicoi JV at Tornadoes
7-5JC Indoor