Legendz Over 35 League

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Original Gangsters220061.00020713W2
Aguilas FC211030.5001013-3W1
America FC211030.5001113-2L1
Arse N'Al211030.5001697W1
Can't Commit FC211030.50057-2L1
Messi Situation211030.5001014-4L1
The Late Greats211030.500660W1
Inter JC202000.0001019-9L2


Wed, 11 Jan
Messi Situation at Inter JC
7-6JC Indoor
Wed, 11 Jan
The Late Greats at America FC
3-6JC Indoor
Wed, 11 Jan
Can't Commit FC at Arse N'Al
5-4JC Indoor
Wed, 11 Jan
Aguilas FC at Original Gangsters
2-10JC Indoor
Wed, 25 Jan
Arse N'Al at Inter JC
12-4JC Indoor
Wed, 25 Jan
Original Gangsters at America FC
10-5JC Indoor
Wed, 25 Jan
Aguilas FC at Messi Situation
8-3JC Indoor
Wed, 25 Jan
Can't Commit FC at The Late Greats
0-3JC Indoor
Wed, 1 Feb
Messi Situation at Original Gangsters
6:40 pmJC Indoor
Wed, 1 Feb
The Late Greats at Aguilas FC
7:35 pmJC Indoor
Wed, 1 Feb
Inter JC at Can't Commit FC
8:30 pmJC Indoor
Wed, 1 Feb
America FC at Arse N'Al
9:25 pmJC Indoor